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Social Security Disability

Turned Down for Social Security  or SSI Disability?

Experienced SSDI and SSI Disability Lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska

Although you are unable to work and paid into the system for years, the Social Security Administration has denied your claim for disability benefits. It doesn’t seem fair because it isn’t fair. But there is hope.

Help! I Really Need Social Security Disability!

If you cannot work because of an injury or physical or mental disability, Social Security Disability is a critical safety net. We understand that you need these benefits for medical expenses and daily living.

If your claim is again rejected, we will prepare your case for hearing before an administrative law judge. We can gather the medical evidence, obtain reports from doctors and carefully prepare your case to help you qualify for the assistance you deserve.  We are familiar with the medical evidence needed to support a successful claim and can assist you both at the initial application or after a claim has been denied.

Qualifying for Social Security or SSI Disability Benefits is complex and frustrating. But we can help.