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Sometimes you have to stand up and fight before you can sit down and work it out. Our veteran divorce lawyers work to put clients in the most favorable position for mediation and litigation. Their thorough preparation and courtroom reputation often brings the other party to the bargaining table.

Brodkey, Cuddigan, Peebles, Belmont & Line, LLP, represents men and women in Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding jurisdictions of eastern Nebraska. Attorneys Ben Belmont and Edith Peebles bring over 35 years of combined family court advocacy, from uncontested dissolutions to multimillion-dollar divorce trials.

We can capably handle every issue arising from dissolution of marriage or disputes over children:

  • Property settlement agreements – We sort out what’s jointly owned versus separate property and determine accurate valuations of retirement investments, the family home and closely held businesses. Then we fight for your fair share, negotiating workable trade-offs of assets, equity and debts.
  • Child custody and visitation – Under the relevant case law, joint custody is not favored but is reserved for rare cases. We prepare clients for mandatory mediation if custody is disputed, and help clients reach reasonable parenting plans that are less likely to bring you back to court. If settlement cannot be reached we will fight for your rights.
  • Child support and spousal support – Child support is structured by state guidelines. We get involved over unreported income or intentional underemployment. We can advise whether alimony would likely be awarded in your divorce and negotiate it directly in the dissolution agreement.
  • Post-judgment modifications and enforcement – We handle hearings to alter custody arrangements and the touchy topic of parent relocation – you need strong legal advocacy to move out of state with the kids, or to prevent it. We will go after the other parent for failure to pay child support or for interfering with visitation, including enforcement of grandparents’ rights.
  • We also handle paternity (representing unmarried fathers seeking visitation rights or mothers seeking child support) and adoption (stepparent adoption or review of private adoption agreements).

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The best way to avoid a drawn-out and expensive courtroom battle is to negotiate from a position of strength. Talk to our proven divorce and custody lawyers to find out where you stand.

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