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Wm. Oliver Jenkins

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Practice Areas

  • Real Estate
  • Trademark Law
  • Business Law
  • Contract Law


I graduated from Creighton University School of Law in 2011. Prior to attending law school, I studied theater at the University of Evansville. After studying theater, I resided in Chicago for several years, pursuing the passion of performing on stage. Eventually returning to school, I earned a degree in political science at the College of Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My background in the theater has allowed me to develop a unique set of skills which include analyzing difficult legal issues from fresh and various points of view, developing creative solutions, and confidence in the courtroom, all while keeping my clients best interests at heart. My goals in the field of law have always been simple: be honest to all I encounter in my work, and provide the best service to my clients during the often difficult times encompassing litigation.

Since beginning in the practice of law, I have had the pleasure of representing clients in the litigation of legal issues involving real property against government entities as well as private individuals, trademark law, and business and contract law.


Current Employment Position

  • Attorney